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Breastfeeding: The Lost Art

Milky Grins
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Hello fellow breastfeeding mothers and ladies in waiting! My name is Sarah. I am a wife to an amazing man who serves his country in the USCG, and we have two beautiful children. My son is two and a half and my daughter is 13 months. I am a homemaker and also work for the hospital as a breastfeeding peer counselor.

I created this community as a place for women to share their questions, concerns, and successes and to receive evidence-based information and advice on breastfeeding, infant feeding, solids introduction, etc. I am working towards my certification as an IBCLC/lactation educator. Please ask me if you are curious about this! Breastfeeding is my passion, my job, and part of my daily routine.

I am not a doctor or a lactation consultant. I cannot treat or diagnose potential health issues, though I will do my best to direct you to the right resources. I look forward to hearing your stories as well as hopefully helping you have the best breastfeeding experience possible for as long as you and baby wish to continue in it.

Sarah H.
Breastfeeding Peer Counselor
Mom of 2
Wife to Hunky USCG PO